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About Make Money Your Honey

Make Money Your Honey is a business training company whose mission is to help women create SUSTAINABLE businesses so they can build wealth while enjoying life. We believe work comes from the soul and should support your life.

Amanda Abella has been an entrepreneur since 2010. Her first business was as a freelance writer, marketer, spokesperson and educator for financial companies. Her clientele included Discover, Capital One, TransUnion, Credit Karma and many more.

In 2017, Amanda realized she was burned out and completely shifted her business model by creating her signature training system, implementing better systems and becoming a sales expert. She has since helped over 120 women-owned business scale past six-figures in a way that feels good, doesn’t take over a woman’s life, and allows for support, fun and freedom.

Amanda’s work has been featured in Forbes, Inc, Huffington Post, top-rated podcasts and more. She is also a certified professional coach and has trained under the best sales and money mindset experts in the U.S. She is also a bestselling author and award winning content creator.

Courses for Beginners

Just getting started? Not sure where to start? These courses are for you.

How I Built a Multiple-6 Figure Coaching Business in Two Years

This free Masterclass walks you the shortest path to success in an online coaching business. Learn to avoid 10 years of costly mistakes with this free masterclass. No Facebook ads, no exhausting launches, no working yourself into the ground. Straight to the point and no BS.

Persuade to Profit® LITE

The bite-sized version of our bestselling Persuade to Profit Sales Training Program. Covers the basics of offer creation, marketing, pricing and sales. Six modules that are 100% on demand. Think of it as online business 101 for those who are just getting started with an idea or exploring and idea.

Make Money Your Honey®

Amanda brings over a decade of experience is a financial educator, business owner, coach and trainer to this program that shows you how to shift your mind from scarcity to abundance. In this on demand course, she covers the deepest money mindset issues people have and how to overcome them. Over three hours of on-demand training, journal prompts and an entire library of money meditations and subliminals.

Media Courses

Learn how to get in the media and get ore attention for your business.

Media Pitch 365 System

365 Media Pitch Ideas for Health Coaches, Relationship Coaches, Financial Coaches, Spiritual Coaches, Life Coaches and Business Coaches. Also includes bonus scripts to pitch the media that got Amanda on Entrepreneur on Fire, Forbes, Inc, etc.

Our Bestselling Business Training Program

For those who are ready to sharpen their sales skills and scale their businesses beyond six figures.

Persuade to Profit® Selling System

Our bestselling sales training program that has helped businesses remove themselves from delivering 1:1 work, go from making $7k a month to having their first $17k week, sell training programs for $5k per client, sell five-figure offers and 5x their revenue in a year.

High Level Mastermind

Advanced training and networking with other women business owners.

Platinum Mastermind

Our Platinum group includes weekly advanced business training and sales role play from Amanda and her team. Students have 5’xed their revenue in 12 months, started traveling the world, started building more support and have more abundance in their lives.

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