Money Subliminal Recordings and Meditations

Assuming the Throne Meditation:

Worthiness Meditation:

Four Secrets Personal Finance Gurus Won’t Tell You

Money Mindset Meditation:

Releasing Money Blocks Meditation:

Abundance Meditation:

Money Exercise:

New Meaning of Abundance:

Release Money Shame:

My Story:

What is Abundance?

Affirmation & Subliminal:

Money Affirmation:





Off the Hook Meditation:

Service Meditation:

Meditation/Mindfulness Exercise:

Receiving Exercise

Over the next few weeks, purposely put yourself in situations where you are receivine. Examples include:

  • Buying yourself an item you’ve always wanted
  • Asking for help
  • Asking for money
  • Receiving compliments
  • Etc.

Notice how you respond to these situations. If you are uncomfortable, use it as a healing opportunity.

What stories are coming up while you are experiencing discomfort?

Ex. I’m not worthy of receiving X.

Once you’ve identified the negative thought patterns FLIP THEM and allow yourself to receive.

Repeat the process allowing yourself to receive just a little more each time.

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